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iadmedia: Can you introduce jijive? (jijive is my "username" but Jive Websites is my business name)

Jeanelle: I started Jive Websites in 2009. I was studying a diploma in counselling at that time so it started out as a part-time venture but has grown to be a full-time job. I called my business Jive Websites because the number one thing that I do is design and code website interfaces. The name Jive came after many months of brainstorming! I wanted the brand to be energetic, fun and lively, which are qualities I like to have in my life. So I mixed my initials J.I. and the word live and Jive Websites was formed! It was an exciting moment!

iadmedia: How and when did you started in the field of design?

Jeanelle: Since I was young I always liked arts and crafts but it was around five years ago when I started professionally developing my design skills. I initially started out in the IT field doing project management, web copywriting and interface coding. 

iadmedia:  When you feeling locked, where do you find inspiration for creative designing?

Jeanelle: For me it will be out in nature. God is the master designer and there is nothing new I can create that has not already done before. I remember stepping outside recently and seeing the most beautiful blue sky and started observing the different blues and the gradient effect of the colours!! I also enjoy nature photography and feel energised after spending time taking photos, especially macros. The beach too is a very inspirational place for me.

iadmedia:  If you are asked to design a website with no more than three features, what would it be?

Jeanelle: If I had to reduce a site to three features I would choose a compelling image, a subscription box for visitors to sign up to a newsletter and a description of what the benefits are of what is being offered. 

iadmedia:  What are your favorite design tools and why?

Jeanelle: Nothing ranks higher than Photoshop for me! There are also three blogs that I subscribe too that I find helpful in keeping up to date - www.smashingmagazine.com, www.sitepoint.com and www.webdirections.org

iadmedia:  What is your favorite piece of web design and why? 

Jeanelle: One site that I visit often is MailChimp to setup mailing lists. I find this site easy to navigate. The layout and colours work well to emphasise important content. The content is also presented creatively and with personality. Especially when you login and see the chimp avatar say random things. It is quite unexpected which adds to the online experience.

iadmedia: Why is important for a church or church ministry to have a website?

Jeanelle: Because everything is online today. If we want to remain current and make it easy for people to access our services then it is vital to have a website.

iadmedia:  How can we build an attractive church site for non-believers?

Jeanelle: We need to think of things that will attract their attention. What are their needs? What are they looking for? What topics are of interest to them? We need to create sites that speak to their interests and provide useful functions for their daily life. An attractive website is not just about a good looking design.

iadmedia:  In the past GAiN 2012 event in Hong Kong you talked about the possibility to develop sites that gives people an experience with God. Is that possible?

Jeanelle: The internet enables us to combine multiple technologies to create interactive presentations. We need to take advantage of this and merge video, text, imagery, social media and mobile apps to create interactive and meaningful content so people can learn about God.

iadmedia:  If you been asked to left all your gadgets but one, what would it be?

Jeanelle: My iPhone! I can be anywhere in the world where there is internet access and use it to update a website. Plus I can take some great quality pictures with it and more! It is a very clever gadget. I cannot imagine my life without it now. It has an attractive design and it's functionality is very useful to my life.

Jeanelle runs her own design business. She loves working on the web, writing, photography, designing, volunteering as a school counsellor & for social justice causes. And she states that with God all things are possible.

Website: www.jivewebsites.com.au

Twitter: @jijive